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Penname: The-Tiger-Princess [Contact] Real name:
Member Since: 04/04/2012
Membership status: Member

Hello! Welcome to my page where my stories are listed down below.

My bio won't be interesting unless I change it into something more up-beat and fun but other than that I will be saying:

Welcome to my page

My stories welcome anyone who finds it interesting

Reviews will be very much welcomed

Ratings are always the best

I hope you enjoy 

And get awesome feelings after reading them

I hope to make you feel well on your stay here on my page


I post every Tuesday



Beta-reader: Yes
Gender: female
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Stories by The-Tiger-Princess

Living life in New York is much different than what Kurt had thought of when he was in High School. He was living a wonderful life, recently gotten out of a break up, running after a co-worker but a short, curly haired boy has been picking his walls to his heart.



Categories: AU, Multi-Chapter, Romance
Characters: Adam, Blaine Anderson, Burt Hummel, Carole Hummel-Hudson, Chandler, Cooper Anderson, Elliott Gilbert, Finn Hudson, Jeff, Kurt Hummel, Mercedes Jones, Nick, OC, Sam Evans, Santana Lopez, Sebastian Smythe
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 13353 Read Count: 503
[Report This] Published: 07/24/2015 Updated: 08/03/2015

It's been 7 years since Blaine Anderson had seen Finn Hummel's little brother and now he is in for a big surprise!



Nine years old Kurt Hummel crushes on nineteen year old Blaine Anderson who was a friend of Kurt's older brother Finn, since the two had started college Blaine had moved all the way to New York for NYU but what happens seven years after?

Categories: Angst, AU, Cotton Candy Fluff, First Time, Friendship, FutureFic, Humor, Multi-Chapter, Romance
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Brittany S. Pierce, Burt Hummel, Carole Hummel-Hudson, David, Finn Hudson, Jeff, Kurt Hummel, Lauren Zizies, Mercedes Jones, Nick, Noah Puckerman, Santana Lopez, Wes
Series: None
Chapters: 16 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 23617 Read Count: 40931
[Report This] Published: 01/19/2013 Updated: 03/28/2013

Kurt Hummel is new at William McKinley High School and does not know who he should trust. He soon then meets a mystery man who sweeps him off his feet... not knowing anything about this school will soon change his perspective view of the world he lives in.


This fanfic will have swearing (the rated M sign at the top)...there will be a b!p character as well  

Do not read if you do NOT like any of those mentioned in the warning :)


Categories: Angst, AU, First Time, Friendship, General, Humor, Mpreg, Multi-Chapter, Romance
Characters: Artie Abrams, Blaine Anderson, Brittany S. Pierce, David, Finn Hudson, Jeff, Kurt Hummel, Lauren Zizies, Mercedes Jones, Mike Chang, Nick, Noah Puckerman, Quinn Fabray, Rachel Berry, Rory Flanagan, Sam Evans, Santana Lopez, Sebastian Smythe, Sugar Motta, Thad, Tina Cohen-Chang, Trent, Wes
Series: None
Chapters: 13 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 32700 Read Count: 17854
[Report This] Published: 12/03/2012 Updated: 12/22/2012

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