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Penname: Afvampd [Contact] Real name: Amirul Firdaus
Member Since: 10/23/2012
Membership status: Member

Hello guys! I love Kurt and Blaine, and as much as I love their storylines in Glee, I sometimes wish my fantasies would come to life- hence, why I'm sure. To actually put my fantasies into words,

MSN IM: MSN IM amirul-firdaus [AT] hotmail [DOT] com
Gender: male
Twitter: afvampd
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Reviews by Afvampd
Summary: Past Featured Story

Kurt Hummel just wants to get through his Junior Year at McKinley in one piece. But when the new guy from Dalton Academy Reform School for Boys takes an alarming interest in him, he's certain he's going to be in for a wild ride. Badboy!Blaine, Klaine, AU

Categories: Angst, AU, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Multi-Chapter, OMG CREYS, Romance
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Burt Hummel, Carole Hummel-Hudson, Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel, Noah Puckerman, OC
Series: Go Your Own Way
Chapters: 28 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 187273 Read Count: 692442
[Report This] Published: 08/05/2011 Updated: 03/12/2012
Reviewer: Afvampd Signed
Date: 04/07/2014 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Hello! You must get this all the time, but I just wanted to express how much I love love love your story. It's one of the best(obviously!). I think I might have read it maybe 5-6 times already and if I don't feel like reading the entire thing, I go to my fav parts(Blaine's birthday, the bash chapter, and a few others I can't recall right now). You actually made me wish the writers of Glee had introduced this Blaine instead- one who is far from perfect and has lots of flaws but despite all that, is a genuinely warm and loving person underneath. It would be so cool, a complete constrast from Glee's Kurt. 


There is is something else I wanted to ask though. I was wondering if you'd be keen to write a one shot chapter through Blaine's eyes when he first saw Kurt in that classroom. I just am curiously to know his thoughts. I've read all the other one shots as well and they're amazing. You're amazing and really talented! Thank you for this experience and I hope you would give some thought to whether you'd want to revist "the beginning" for Blaine.


Blaine is a 32 year old business-man picking up young guys in bars for onenightstands. One night he sees a beautiful boy looking lost at Blaine's usual bar. 16 year old Kurt reveals he has a boypussy and is virgin. Blaine takes him home and fucks him. He decides he wants it to be more than one night and they make a deal. Lots of sex, relationship-trouble and denied feelings. Warnings in story-notes.

Categories: Angst, AU, Cotton Candy Fluff, Drama, First Time, General, Hurt/Comfort, Multi-Chapter, Romance
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Burt Hummel, Carole Hummel-Hudson, Cooper Anderson, Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel, Mercedes Jones, Mike Chang, Noah Puckerman, Quinn Fabray, Rachel Berry, Sebastian Smythe, Tina Cohen-Chang, Trent
Series: None
Chapters: 34 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 174428 Read Count: 66869
[Report This] Published: 08/27/2012 Updated: 03/16/2013
Reviewer: Afvampd Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 12/27/2012 Title: Chapter 10: Changes

Urg you're so good I swear this is one of the best stories I've ever read. I love Changes the best, the bit when Kurt told Blaine how his first time was, but I haven't read them all that's my favorite so fair. This story's so different I love it so so much you are brilliant. 

Reviewer: Afvampd Signed starstarstarstar
Date: 03/01/2013 Title: Chapter 26: Throwing Punches

WHAAAT WAIT WHAT THEY BROKE UP? But to me i feel like they should break up eventually bcos of their huge age gap but too soon omg!! I can almost feel Kurt getting bored or frustrated in the relationship idk. But good chapter(:

Reviewer: Afvampd Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 12/30/2012 Title: Chapter 22: Work Of Art

Wow this was so good and hot I was initially reading this with my parents around me I had to excuse myself because- I don't know but really good chapter! I love how you explain everything you're so aware of everything that happens you are amazing! Next update please I need it soon!

Reviewer: Afvampd Signed
Date: 12/28/2012 Title: Chapter 21: All Out


Summary: Blaine Anderson goes back to visit his ex after nine years only to find him in a mental institution with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Can Blaine help Kurt through this? Or will he lose himself in the process?
Warnings: Violence, Self harm, mentions of non-con, suicide, character death, mentions of depression and everything that entails with DID
Categories: Character Death, General, Non-con, Romance, Tragedy
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel
Series: None
Chapters: 18 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 90644 Read Count: 11947
[Report This] Published: 09/16/2012 Updated: 06/14/2013
Reviewer: Afvampd Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 01/27/2013 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Awe perfect chapter! That song Kurt sang was so appropriate for the whole situation! I really hope you update more regularly I love this fic. A long wait for this one, but very worth it(:

Reviewer: Afvampd Signed
Date: 12/26/2012 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

You are an amazing writer you got me hooked on the first chapter now I'm yearning for more! This story is different from what I usually read here, but it's seriously the best ever. I love the plot, I love everything about it. Please update soon!! Again, you are amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much sweetie :D

Reviewer: Afvampd Signed
Date: 01/04/2013 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6


All Alright by ever Rated: M starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 9]

After experiencing tragedy, Blaine is the only person in Kurt's life who is consistently there for him. And even after repeatedly rejecting his ex-boyfriend's kindness, Blaine keeps coming back, time and time again, desperate to not only comfort Kurt in his sorrow and pull him out of the depths of his depression, but to also win him back for good.

Categories: Angst, Character Death, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Multi-Chapter, OMG CREYS, Romance, Tragedy
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, OC, Rachel Berry
Series: None
Chapters: 7 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 16560 Read Count: 2186
[Report This] Published: 01/22/2013 Updated: 03/07/2013
Reviewer: Afvampd Signed
Date: 02/01/2013 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 2

Urg I feel so sad for Kurt, sad of the person he was becoming. Love this chapter, but can I ask for one thing? More dialogues pls! But you're doing a fine job honestly. Update soon please!!

Author's Response:

To be honest, I have a really hard time writing dialogue! But don't worry, because I'm kind of easing myself into it, so the further on we go, the more and more there will be :)

Reviewer: Afvampd Signed
Date: 01/23/2013 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 1

Wow really good. I'm excited to know what happens next! 

Reviewer: Afvampd Signed
Date: 02/10/2013 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Ah such a good chapter! A good balance of dialogues too! Kudos to you I was so intrigued the entire time. I sobbed at the little dream Kurt let himself have, and the last line of the entire chapter gave me goose bumps. So excited to see the measure blaine will go to make Kurt happy again!

oh and one more thing, are you like an established author already? BECAUSE YOU'RE SO NATURAL AT IT YOU'RE SO AWESOME GOOOOD JOB!! 

Author's Response:

Ohmygod everyone your reviews are making me into a mess ahhh your so nice! Thank youuuu for all the compliments. And no, I don't have any published books, but it's kind of my dream to get to that point one day. And while I thank you for the compliment, I'm not quite sure I'm at that point yet where I would want to attempt to publish anything I've written! Anyways, thank you for your reviews! They always make me smile :)


Cover art by GLEEK-Kurt178

When Kurt and Rachel’s landlord raises the rent Rachel takes it upon herself to find them a new roommate. Enter Blaine Anderson; he’s cocky, crude and incredibly hot. Will his new bad boy roommate be Kurt’s worse nightmare or his dream come true? Insipred by this

Categories: AU, General, Multi-Chapter
Characters: Adam, Blaine Anderson, Brittany S. Pierce, Burt Hummel, Carole Hummel-Hudson, Cooper Anderson, Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Wes
Series: Roommates
Chapters: 41 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 49671 Read Count: 258318
[Report This] Published: 03/19/2013 Updated: 04/06/2013
Reviewer: Afvampd Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 03/24/2013 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 15

Wow this is so good and hot and I love your version of Blaine. I also love that all the chapters are short I hate long chapters they're so draggy. Excited for your next update!


Blaine is the new kid at McKinley High School, and he meets Finn Hudson, but when he goes to Finn's house to rehearse for a Glee Club assignment he quickly falls for Finn's stepbrother, the gorgeous blue eyed Kurt Hummel, who seems to reciprocate his feelings.

Categories: Friendship, Romance
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 1026 Read Count: 509
[Report This] Published: 09/28/2013 Updated: 09/28/2013
Reviewer: Afvampd Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 09/28/2013 Title: Chapter 1: New Kid

Cute start. Really interested to know how it'll 


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