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Featured Stories (Recommend A Fic)
Skin on Skin by Ulysses31dancer (Rated: M)
Kurt wins a VIP backstage pass to meet famous rock star Blaine Anderson. He doesn't realize that this one experience will change his life.   
Under The Open Sky by _hurricane (Rated: M)
Glee/Game of Thrones Crossover. Kurt Hummelsmythe is an exiled prince from a family of Valyrian dragonriders. But dragons have been extinct for centuries, and his true home, Westeros, is far away across the Narrow Sea. When he finds out his evil older brother Sebastian sold him in marriage to Khal Blaine, a ruthless, blood-thirsty Dothraki horselord, to win his stolen kingdom back, Kurt doesn't know that love can be found in the most unexpected place.
With No Moonlight by WasteNoTime (Rated: M)
COMPLETE In a world where legal slavery exists in all continents except Europe, Kurt Hummel moves back to Lima after years spent in France. The idea of owning a person disgusts him but soon he meets a boy that changes his mind. Kurt wants nothing more than to own him. slave!Blaine
Need for Speed by smellslikecraigslist (Rated: M)
Glee/Fast and Furious crossover. Kurt Hummel moves from California to Lima after his dad's heart attack causes them to lose their repair shop. Kurt leaves his prestigious performing arts school and any chance of moving to New York and getting into NYADA. His only other joy in life is custom tuning cars, but his father doesn't approve. Things seem to get back on track when he joins the Dalton Crew as their mechanic, behind his father's back. He'll make the money he needs as long as he can put up with...
Heartstone by sunshineoptimismandangels (Rated: R)
Ancient magic, lurking monsters, and a spell that has plagued Blaine’s family for centuries. All Blaine wants to do is survive in peace and hide from the evils that follow him. New York City seemed like a good place to just disappear, to let the gray anonymity of the city obscure him. He didn’t expect that New York City was where he’d find the one thing that was most dangerous to him, and he didn’t expect to find Kurt Hummel a man who could uncoil him with a smile and possibly...
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Skin Change
How to save a whole story as an ePub or PDF

Below are instructions on how to save whole stories (or just chapters) as either ePub or PDF files.

If you have any problems, please let us know.

Step 1. Download & Install Google Chrome
In these steps we use Google Chrome as our web browser because you'll need to use Google Chrome Extensions.
Every tool you see here is free, and Google Chrome is a very safe browser, so you won't have any problems :)

Download Chrome
(click to go to download page)

Step 2. Download & Install Google Chrome Extensions
For ePub files - dotEPUB
For PDF files - Print with CleanPrint

You will now see the following (or just one if you only chose one) in your Extensions list (Tools > Extensions)
Google Chrome Extensions

Step 3. Go to CHAPTER 1 of the story you're wanting to save and click on Story next to the printer options
(You could also click on Chapter, if that's all you're wanting to turn in to an ePub or PDF)

Click on the story you want

Step 4. Click Cancel
For those with installed programs that have a Print to PDF option built in when you go to print things,
selecting that will save as PDF and allows you to skip the rest of the steps, providing it is a PDF you're after.

If you're wanting an ePub file or don't have the Print to PDF option, click Cancel and continue on..

Cancel or Print to PDF

Step 5. Decide if you want ePub or PDF

Save Options
The buttons for the extensions you installed earlier are up in the top right corner

ePubdotEPUB (ePub) - ePub files are great for eReaders. You can change font type and size (providing that is a feature of the eReader). They're also much smaller in file size.
PDFPrint with CleanPrint (PDF) - PDF files are quite large, but some eReaders display them well. PDFs can be viewed on almost any device.

ePub Instructions

Click the dotEPUB button.

If the story is too big, you will get a warning. Click OK.

ePub Warning

If the story is REALLY too big, you'll get another warning and unfortunately this means you can't save the story as an ePub as a whole.

ePub Warning 2

You CAN go back to Step 3 though and select Chapter instead of Story, and just save each chapter. It'll take longer obviously, but it'll get the job done.

However, assuming everything went ok and you either got the original warning or not, the file should have automatically saved,
and you should now be able to see it down the bottom left of your screen in the download bar.

ePub Saved

Now you can go in to your Downloads folder and your ePub file will be there waiting. And that's it! :)

PDF Instructions

Click the Print with CleanPrint button.

First you'll see this:


If the story is too big, you'll get a 'Server unable to process request.' message, meaning this isn't going to work, sorry.

PDF Warning

However if you desperately want a PDF, you can always go back to Step 3 and select Chapter instead of Story and just save each chapter.
It'll take longer obviously, but it'll get the job done.
That, or if you have or know someone who has the ability to Print to PDF like in Step 4, do it that way. It'll work no matter what size the story is.

Assuming everything went ok though and the story isn't too big, a window with your options should have popped up.
You can go through and highlight and delete sections you don't want saved if you like.

PDF Options

Once you're happy with what will be saved, click the pdf button on the left.

PDF Button

The file will now be down the bottom left of your screen in the download bar, but it'll probably have a warning message. Click Keep.

PDF Saving Warning

Then you'll see it saved.

PDF Saved

Now you can go in to your Downloads folder and your PDF file will be there waiting. You might want to rename it though.. The naming system is a little weird for PDFs.

And that's it! :)

Again if you have any problems with any of this, please contact us and we'll help out the best we can. :)

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